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Teacher Appreciation

Teachers also play an important role in educational system. We can get more benefit from teachers if we encourage them.

HDF also Appreciates those teachers who play excellent role in their profession. Appreciation certificates were awarded to such teachers who given the 100% results.

HDF organized events with tag line “A Salute To Teacher”. In all over AJK teachers were appreciated. 100 and above teachers were selected in each district and they were given certificates by the hands of district notables, politicians and education officials.

HDF has planned this activity with DEO Muzaffarabad. Strategy was set that the teachers who delivered 100% result in annual exams will be awarded with certificates.

Our volunteers from 8 districts meet with district education officials and share the agenda.

Department has appreciated and provided the list of teachers given the 100% result.

The award ceremony was non-political that there were no any political interference seen in the project.

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HDF Strategy

HDF along with their partner and donors run Enrolment Campaign in which an enrolment walk was organized in which civil society member, education officials, school children, teachers and especially P.M AJK participated. Campaign was launched and also expended with civil society to enhance the enrolment. HDF also run the enrolment campaign in several districts of AJK. Enrolment camp in villages were good example of new enrolment of children in near schools. We organized these camps in Muzaffarabad and district Kotli.

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Enrolment Campaign

To equip our children with education, it’s an important thing that they should be provide a plate form, which is school. When the schools and playing grounds of a country remain settled, ultimately the nation grew up and up. To make the nation developed it’s important that our every child should be enrolled in school by enrolment campaign.

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Theatres have always played a vital role in strengthening any awareness campaign. Dramas and street based theatres have a unique impact on masses, since they have a direct link with people and they can easily covey the message by capturing the mind of civil societies. Street based theatres provide a strong support to reveal the bitter realities of any matter and department and educational status is one of them and theatres can help to make an individual aware of actual situation. Both the making of theatres and attending of theatres contribute to promote quality education and literacy also.

The masses need to be aware of the actual facts and figures of education status and they need to know what’s going on in the educational sector to raise their voices.

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Launching ceremony of ASER

Minister Education addressing from launching ceremony of ASER

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) is a survey addressing the quality of education in Pakistan and AJK, and has been facilitated by ITA since 2010. HDF is partner of ASER in Azad Kashmir. ASER seeks to fill a gap in educational data by seeking to provide a reliable set of data at the national level that is comprehensive and, at the same time, easy to understand.

ASER survey was first piloted in 2009. It covered 02 rural districts in 2010, and afterward all 10 districts were covered in 2011/12/13 and 2014.

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Success Story Of Ms. Rubeena

Bugna Khairabad skill centre was established from January-2013 to December-2013. The purpose of the skill centre is to teach basic skills like Cutting, Stitching, Hand Embroidery and Gabba etc. Further specific changes that are direct results of these skill centres including changes in knowledge, attitude, skills and behaviours.

As a result of participating in skill centres, many females started their own centres and earning good monetary benefits. Miss Rubina is one of them. She belongs to Bugna Khairabad related to a very poor family, she got training in the first batch from January-2013 to March-2013 and after successful training and getting experience she was given a sewing machine then she started her own work in her house and earned money and saved to establish her own skill centre.

Now she is running her own centre comprising of 20 females. She earns 12 to 15 thousand including trainee fee and another outdoor working. They are using four machines for practical learning of stitching. In her view, it’s a very small centre in one small room but she is hopeful and doing hard work with passion. She is now taking full benefit from her participation as a trainee but she is now a teacher of her own skill centre. KDF & HDF team visited her centre and assessed that trainees were satisfied with her training and teaching skills. She said it’s all due to KDF & HDF help because they trained us for our future and it’s our responsibility that we will train our community females for the future.

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Success Story Of Basit Bashir Abbasi

Basit Bashir Abbasi lives in Danna Battangi. His father was died in 2003 due to cancer, when we ask Basit about his study, he told us I was in class two when my father died. In 2003 our area and village were very backwards and maximum the local community especially their families were very poor, his elder brother was not able to do anything for us. They have been lived in very critical situations and hand to mouth, with her mother efforts he passed 6th class.

Due to dearness, her mother could not support him further because she is also a housewife and often remains ill, then from class 6th to 10th, he was supported by OSP and he completed his matriculation. Now he has left the study due to responsibility to look after the home and mother he got the job of the painter in Muzaffarabad, he has become a teacher now and teaches this work to his students. He earns 10,000 per month and supports his family. He got a job due to his matriculation supported by OSP. Now after his job his family is living well.

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Success Story Of Nosheen BiBi

Nosheen Bibi lives in village Patika. Her father died in the earthquake in 2005, we asked Nosheen about his life after his father died, she told me she had no support in his family, she had no hope for continuing his education. Her mother is a housewife. She has two brothers and two sisters. She was helpless when DM-AID and KDF supported him like a daughter, and today she got married.

A marriage gift was donated to Orphan girl Nosheen Bibi on Thursday 12 June 2014 with the help of Danish Muslin Aid & Karwan Development Foundation in collaboration with the volunteer team of HDF in Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir.

This girl was supported for five years. She was thanking DM-Aid and KDF Team for giving such a beautiful marriage gift to her. May ALLAH bless their homes.

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