Project Description

Construction of House

About Project

Qatar Charity is working in AJK since the earthquake and supporting orphans and deserving families on a quarterly basis. It also supports its enrolled family to provide houses.

Activity Description

HDF with the support of the donor constructed the house of a widow. The construction work was consist of 2 rooms, 1 kitchen and a washroom.

During construction, HDF officials maintained the quality of work but also monitored the working by videos and pictures through its field staff.

Family Registration No F /191/73

Beneficiary’s past Story

Sakeena Bibi became a widow in the 2005 earthquake. She has 5 children when her husband died 2 boys and 3 girls. After his death, she was living hand to mouth. There was a huge burden upon her because she was living in a ruined tent which was leaked during rain.

Remarks of the beneficiary

There was a gap in my life that I had no house, then due to the kindness of Qatar Charity, they also donated the house and constructed a house for me. Now my life is completed and the life of my children is secure. My children are living happily.

The biggest pleasure is that due to this house construction now my children have started study again, Shamim, my daughter is doing MSc. Psychology. Isma my daughter is doing and my son Haroon studying in class 7th.

This credit goes to Qatar Charity they bring happiness back to my and my children’s life. I have no words to say thanks to Qatar Charity but I have a lot of prayers for them. May Almighty Allah bless Qatar Charity with a lot of blessings? I am very thankful to Qatar Charity for uplifting my life.




A Widow and her Children


August 08 2017-March 2018


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