Project Description

Orphans Quarterly Program

Activity Description

HDF also provide its volunteer services in orphan sponsorship & caring program in which HDF Enrol orphans up to 18 years. With the help of donors. We not only support the orphans but also organize extracurricular activities like games and tours to fresh their minds and thinking.

Type of Benefit

Each orphan male and female is supported financially which is held quarterly at the nearest place of the orphan’s destination.


114 Orphans




2009- 2017


Danish Muslim Aid & Karwan Development Foundation

Orphans Grant & Career Counselling:

Description of Work:

This project also support Male Orphan after age of 18 for their future. Some in the form for grant who want to start their business.IN some cases we also take responsibility of career counselling and job hunting of the child.

Ahmed Mir Zaman and Muhammad Hafeez was enrolled in orphans sponsor ship program since 2009 now they were supported for their own business.


Yet this project have been given the grants to 27 orphans according to their saving since their enrolment.

Orphans Girls Marriage Program:

Activity Description:

The project also supports in marriages of girls orphans, we also bear all expenses of Marriage and provide dowry. In which furniture, crockery set, sofa set, table set fabrics etc.

These are such girls who were enrolled since the program was started in Muzaffarabad.

Till their marriage we supported them quarterly and when they come at the age of marriage we support them and after marriage a girl Nagina Bibi was also given the goats to earn or utilize to fulfil the needs.


Yet 13 girls has been given the marriage gifts in their marriage at different location of tehsil Patika districts Muzaffarabad.

Goat Distribution

Activity Description:

Introduced a new idea to sustain the orphan in more efficient way.

We identify the neediest orphans from registered orphans and they were selected to give goat with a goat child.

This activity was done in three phases. In first phase we gave goat to our married orphan girl, after successful results 2 more orphans were given goat.

At the end 10 children were distributed goat with a goat child.

As result of one year many families were successfully look after the goat and they get benefit like milk and birth of new goats.


Activity Location:

District Muzaffarabad tehsil Patikka


No of Beneficiaries:

13 orphans were given goat at different time