Project Description


Activity Background

Environmental pollution is increasing daily. Trees are also being cut down due to which global warming is affecting the environment. More trees should be planted for a better environment to stop global warming and bring the earth back to its normal state and temperature.

HDF Initiative

Keep in mind HDF every year play a vital role in the plantation.

We put many plants on plantations in different areas with the help of our orphans and volunteers. We also raise awareness campaigns regarding Plantation.

The purpose to involve orphan is to

  • Create recreational activity
  • Sensitize the importance of plantation
  • Playing a role to save nature

We not only started plantations but also trained the children and civil society participants that how to plant a tree and how to look after it.

For this purpose, we involved the agriculture department in which fruit and vegetable experts demonstrated before participants how to plant and look after trees.

We planted thousands and hundreds of fruit and non-fruit plants in different villages.




February 2013 – March 2016


  1. Karwan Development Foundation
  2. Govt. of AJK