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DM-Aid Water Supply Scheme

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Life is the most precious gift to humankind and other living beings.Life on earth is because of water and no water on earth means there will be no life on earth. This notion is more than alarming and human beings at individual, family, community, and institutional levels need to bring together ideas about effective water management and put those ideas into action. The impacts of water scarcity and fetching are hugely impacting the lives of natives in a variety of ways i.e., cultural, economic, Social, Religious, Health, educational, and many more aspects of society are influenced. The limited water resources in the targeted villages compel the people to do the practice of water fetching. Natural springs are the major source of water for drinking and other domestic purposes in all most in the entire Azad Jammu Kashmir. These natural springs provides fresh healthy drinking water exists across District Muzaffarabad and it is the main source for the inhabitants. These natural springs are located at about 1km to 2.5km distance; which consumes 1 to 1.5 hours (from one side) to fetch water for their domestic use. Women and children (especially the girl child) are involved in the practice of water fetching, as Men are dedicated to the income generation (hard laboring) of the family Hamza Development Foundation initiated a step “SERVING THE UNSERVED” to take part in achievement of SDG-6 which Ensure access to water and sanitation for all. As result of these water supply schemes, 3630 individual got benefited.






Dec, 2022


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