Project Description

Hot Meal Distribution

Activity Description

Hamza Development Foundation (HF) Ramadan Project offered an opportunity for many families struggling to find and manage healthy food for Iftar to their economic status. Most of the targeted beneficiaries are living below poverty line and most of them run their kitchens through hard labor. As the life is very hard in Kashmir Region due to its mountainous status and hard weather conditions, in the holy month of Ramadan most of the activities related to hard labor remain halted. So it becomes very difficult for the bread earners to feed their families even for one time. The Ramadan Hot meal distribution project-2023 is primarily intended to provide one time iftar and cooked food to needy fasting families during Ramadan and to help most deserving families (500 individuals) during the blessed month of Ramadan.


Village Bheri District Muzaffarabad-AJK

April 2023