Project Description

Ramadan Food Package 2023

Activity Description

Allah has enjoined upon the Muslims fasting the month of Ramadan, and He has promised a great reward to those who fast.
During the holy month of Ramadan HDF provides food parcels and hot meals to those in need across Pakistan and Kashmir, recognizing the devastating impact of food poverty and scarcity. Hunger is a major issue affecting millions of people worldwide, and it is our duty as Muslims to provide assistance to those in need. In Islam, the act of providing food to the hungry is considered a form of charity (Sadaqah) and is highly valued.
Through this project, we aim to embody this principle by providing food aid to the most vulnerable members of our community. By addressing food poverty and scarcity, we can help prevent malnutrition, illness, and even death, while promoting dignity and respect for all individuals. Join us in this vital effort to end hunger and promote social justice for all.






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