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According to a UN report , when women work, they re-invest 90 per cent of their income into the family as compared to 30-40 per cent by men. They spend more money on their children, education, food and shelter, which creates long-term economic and social benefits for their families and communities.

Moreover, it makes them an essential contributor for reducing poverty. A new concept of entrepreneurship for female is playing its vital role in the development of Human Capital. Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) has a difficult geography with poor access, marginalization and high incidence of poverty and unemployment fighting with this mass problem of poverty and unemployment due to lack of technical education / skills.

Young girls and female have extremely low options to take a part in income generation activities. TVET improves women’s knowledge, practices and skills and enhances their probabilities of becoming successful entrepreneur, independent, empowered and active members of a society. To facilitate women with expertise and skills is not only essential to access to supply-side factors of work but also for the social factors. HDF in collaboration with DM-AID has equipped 160 females in dress making in deserving villages of district Muzaffarabad.


Village Bugna Khairabad
Village Achril
Village Kalas Seri Dara
Village Lanagarpura
Village Malsi
Municiple Committee Gulshan Colony



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