Project Description

Skill Development Center (Tailoring)

About Project

This project provides technical skills to females. The skill not only saves money for females but it’s a source of earning. Females can share the financial burden of their father, brother or husband.


  • Dress Making
  • Kashmiri Work
  • Embroidery
  • Zari Work
  • Paper Mashie Work

Output & Location of the Project

18 mobile centres were established in which 34 batches were run. The project was run in different villages of district Muzaffarabad. Villages were targeted from 2 tehsils of the district.

Outcomes of SDC

Skill Development Centre has equipped the 825 girls and 100 sewing machines were distributed to the most deserving trainees which are able to sew not only their family clothes but also can earn by sewing clothes from outside.

Besides learning skills trainees also learnt social activities like speech, singing national songs and the capacity to talk with confidence.

The Skill Development Centre has also given the opportunity to the girls to come out from daily routine work which makes their lives deaf and dull. This activity taught them a new interesting skill and also expense saving which now they can use in any other need.

This practice gives them new passion new learning and social and moral ethics which are important for females to make a pleasing environment in their houses.




January 2013-December 2018


825 Females


Karwan Development Foundation