Basit Bashir Abbasi lives in Danna Battangi. His father was died in 2003 due to cancer, when we ask Basit about his study, he told us I was in class two when my father died. In 2003 our area and village were very backwards and maximum the local community especially their families were very poor, his elder brother was not able to do anything for us. They have been lived in very critical situations and hand to mouth, with her mother efforts he passed 6th class.

Due to dearness, her mother could not support him further because she is also a housewife and often remains ill, then from class 6th to 10th, he was supported by OSP and he completed his matriculation. Now he has left the study due to responsibility to look after the home and mother he got the job of the painter in Muzaffarabad, he has become a teacher now and teaches this work to his students. He earns 10,000 per month and supports his family. He got a job due to his matriculation supported by OSP. Now after his job his family is living well.