Bugna Khairabad skill centre was established from January-2013 to December-2013. The purpose of the skill centre is to teach basic skills like Cutting, Stitching, Hand Embroidery and Gabba etc. Further specific changes that are direct results of these skill centres including changes in knowledge, attitude, skills and behaviours.

As a result of participating in skill centres, many females started their own centres and earning good monetary benefits. Miss Rubina is one of them. She belongs to Bugna Khairabad related to a very poor family, she got training in the first batch from January-2013 to March-2013 and after successful training and getting experience she was given a sewing machine then she started her own work in her house and earned money and saved to establish her own skill centre.

Now she is running her own centre comprising of 20 females. She earns 12 to 15 thousand including trainee fee and another outdoor working. They are using four machines for practical learning of stitching. In her view, it’s a very small centre in one small room but she is hopeful and doing hard work with passion. She is now taking full benefit from her participation as a trainee but she is now a teacher of her own skill centre. KDF & HDF team visited her centre and assessed that trainees were satisfied with her training and teaching skills. She said it’s all due to KDF & HDF help because they trained us for our future and it’s our responsibility that we will train our community females for the future.