Project Description

Teacher Training Health & Hygiene

About Project

Handwashing awareness campaign/program that focuses on taking the message to children through their teachers from their school. The target was aware the teachers and then teachers share the activity from 2 to class 6th in public and private schools. The project was run in 4 phases from 2013 to 2015.

Aim of the Project

The basic aim of this project was to create awareness regarding health and hygiene in children from class 2nd to 6th to make the habit to wash the hands properly before 5 occasions. For this purpose with the support of Lifebuoy, this initiative was done.

School children to use soap on 5 key occasions before:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • During bathing
  • After using toilet

Activities of the Project

Following were the main activates of the project in AJK:

  1. Meeting with the education department
  2. Staff hiring in 3 districts
  3. Training of Teachers and material distribution
  4. Field Visits of schools
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation of schools (evidence collection)


The teachers of 931 schools of the above-mentioned districts were invited to their home districts. Approximately 2100 teachers were trained and 70,000 students were benefited from this program.


  1. Muzaffarabad
  2. Hattian
  3. Mirpur

Project Duration

2013 – 2022


  1. 70,000 Students
  2. 2100 Teachers